Open source Simple online shopping list.
What I do here is more of plain JavaScript and building API's for the project.

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My Portfolio

The task of building my own website has been a great learning experience for me.

Bootstrap, Jquery, Hosted on Firebase

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Tada(Todo App)

This is a simple Todo Application in plain old JavaScript

This is a self exploratory project just to test various parts in JavaScript without any influence from frameworks.

JavaScript, Bootstrap(for the UI)

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K.O Malaria App

3 years ago I had started working on an app that could help in the fight against malaria.

I had very little experience back then with my self thought Skills.
The App never made it to the app store but it made waves in the dev community.

Ionic, Angular

About Me

I'm an Unrepentant Programmer

Bug Free Mug

For me writing code all day is just fun even when it breaks. The real fun is finding those hidden bugs.
I have a broad and ambitious scope when it comes to programming.